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Working with Spanload polyester slings will improve your business in more than one way. It Increases product durability and we offer competitive prices. Doing business with Spanload means doing business directly at the source.

In the Forefront of Quality standards.


We can offer slings with an QR-code printed on the labels for easy & quick Online access to the certificates.


mULTIPLE-USE According to: EN1492-1/2 norm & TÜV/GS and CE

For large quantities we are allowed according to EN and ISO to hand out drafts which will be packed in each box. A single Testreport certificate will represent the complete batch. This way our customers are not forced to file thousands of reports per order.


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We would be more than happy to answer all your questions and hand you a competitive offer within 24 hours.

Fast delivery from stock

Due to the fact that Spanload is leading in the Steel and Construction Industry certain models have become standard. We have a large stock in our warehouse in The Netherlands from where pallets are send throughout Europe on a daily basis.

Our production

Combing yarn

To ensure high durability it's important to start combing the yarn before weaving them into webbing slings. For all our webbing slings we integrate this proces.

Weaving proces

Rapid production and forerunner in Top Quality.

Our Brand is Your Brand

We offer a full OEM program based on factory orders. Branding your slings will be done during production in our factories.

Our slings can be found

When building is in progress


From transporting steel and other constructions from the factory to the plant. Either on the ground or 100 meters in the air.

Where your product demands for quality


Whatever the load and whatever the weight we offer you Top Quality and competitive prices..

For each Job the right sling


Spanload Round Endless Slings used for lifting heavy rotors. This 8 Ton 12 meter sling was used to lift the rotor up to 30 meters in the air.

If it needs to be durable


By combing our yarns before weaving we make sure the density is high which results in better performance and durability.

About our program:

Polyester flat endless


Endless Flat Slings can be produced in all requested lengths and work load limits. Due to our high penetration in the steel and construction industry several models became standard and can be supplied directly from our stock.

Polyester round endless


Round Endless Slings can be produced in all requested lengths and work load limits. Round slings are very suitable for easy to damage cargo and material.

Polyester eye-eye flat


Eye-eye Slings can be produced in all requested lengths and work load limits. These common slings are very suitable to handle cargo and other common materials. Most models can be supplied from our stock.



Produced according to norm EN12195-2.  We produce a large variety of models depending on specifications. Our SLR Truck ratches are widly used. Up from 1000 dAN to 5000 dAN.


Catalog & Info

We offer several catalogues with basic information which can be downloaded directly from our website.


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Spanload history

Spanload...safety first was established in 2006 by us. Since, we've developed and grown into a trustworthy and competitive supplier. Spanload slings are produced with great care and vision on quality and best pricing.


IntroductION 2017: SLR 50-250-E

Introduction new line "SLR" ratches with Ergo grip, and high STF value and ...competitive prices. learn more? Contact us!